Unconditional Love

by RickyJG on July 17th, 2012

Sometimes we love for all the wrong reasons and many times we stop loving because of something we feel someone did to us that we didn't approve of..Reflect today on the immense love that God is always offering you..Look around you and feel the presence of the universe ,feel all the love around you, smell a flower, give a smile away, make a difference in someone's life..We are all loving spirits, our intentions in this journey where never to come here to hate we came to grow in love and to experience love at every level...Release your anger and let go...Take a few minutes and reflect on love, send out love to all, your family,friends and your enemies too..Who we see as enemies are just harder lessons for us to overcome..We have a power as creators to overcome anything..Learn to give and nurture other spirits they don't need to know that you are nurturing them its the power of your love that will heal other broken hearts and heal empty unlovable minds..Always remember the essence of God is within guiding you every step of the way ...PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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