by RickyJG on June 25th, 2012

Today I promise to be a better person in this physical form. I promise to not let things that do not serve my purpose in life guide me but let my spirit guide me to a better me. I promise to show love to all I encounter even if its just with a smile.. I promise to send out energy to those that need it and to bless everything in my presence.. I promise to be more grateful for life.. We all have a purpose in life and today I promise to search deeper to see what my meaning in this beautiful world is.. I created my world exactly as I wanted it to appear and today I accept my perfect state made in the likeness of God..Today I affirm "I am God "for I was made exactly in his likeness...I am thankful for this journey and I love my reincarnation and all the people that I am sharing this journey with..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJG

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grateful one: promise today
Tue, 07/03/2012 - 11:07

you are such an inspiration in my everyday life. you guide me through rough times. i imagine that you have been through quite a bit. though you keep strong. thank you for your words. you have a beautiful human spirit

RickyJG: Thank you grateful one
Mon, 07/09/2012 - 09:02
@grateful one (view comment)

Thank you for reading my inspirations..I hope to touch as many people as possible. I thank you for the beautiful comment. Please continue reading my daily inspirations and share with your friends and family..

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