Surrender to Suffering

by RickyJG on May 29th, 2013

Most of us see suffering as something that is bad in our life and we tend to run away from it never really surrendering to it or facing it for what it is..Suffering instills fear in almost all of us but have you ever really faced suffering? Have you really ever confronted suffering and talked to it? In our world we see suffering as something that is bad and is causing some sort of disconnect in our habitual pattern of our life.. We never stay in the moment of suffering we feel as if we need to find a safe place of some sort to comfort us, we think that life is only about happiness when in reality suffering and happiness are one in the same. In our world of duality we run to escape the things that we see as bad but what if we stayed in the moment of now and confronted suffering? What would suffering do if it was faced with this great energy that wasn't afraid of it anymore? In my opinion I think suffering would just dissipate its power and run away. The things we fear the most are never faced by us it is easier for us to run away and see all this things as bad things but rather than running away we should befriend all this fears and face them head on. Once we confront them they will lose their power and they will no longer be able to control us. Our mind sometimes can be our biggest enemy with the ego running the show our mind will advise us that if we are not happy all the time we are doing something wrong. The Buddhists think otherwise they believe that suffering is part of our experience in this lifetime and for us to hope that life will always be happiness is something we should detach from, they believe that our beliefs in pure happiness is what causes for us to be held in the suffering stage. I somehow accept their belief but I also believe that we create our happiness and our life can be exactly as we want it to be..I believe we all have this power residing within that is just waiting to be let out..We are all connected to this energy source and the only reason we feel unplugged from this source is because we fail to believe it part of us...I truly believe that behind every story there is a bigger picture to be discovered.. If we were to truly tune in to our guidance and open our hearts fully we would feel the energy rising within each of us.. We are all part of this great oneness and although we see ourselves as separate via our physical forms we are all actually part of the same energy that surrounds every being in this world..We are all one energy under one God and we are all part of that higher source..remember your power lies within...PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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LoveTruthPeace: that makes so much sense...
Sat, 08/24/2013 - 19:56

...that our beliefs about expecting to be always happy keeps us in suffering. We can't expect life to always be perfect and for us to always be happy; we would be fooling ourselves which in turn causes disappointment and there for more pain.

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