Reflections of you

by RickyJG on January 3rd, 2013

As we look upon another year we often tend to judge others that we think have done us harm in some way or another..We often go into the new year thinking about forgiving others and making ourselves better by improving our physical form..While any improvement to your life is great we need to stop and think and reflect on everyone that we think has caused us some sort of heartache or annoyance in our lives..If we are being true to our ourselves we will realize that everyone in our life is a reflection of us..We are looking at a mirrorred part of us..We are here learning lessons and the greatest ones will be learned from those that annoy us the most ..If we meditate on this reflection we will realize that we at some point in time have played exactly the same role or part that they are playing in our movie in this lifetime..At this point we can either let them continue to annoy us or learn from them, because at the end they will be our greatest teachers..In God's world there are no mistakes and everything in the essence of life is being played out exactly as it should be in the moment of now..Learn to turn everything around in your life by giving it a nurturing god thought instead of a negative, unhealthy thought..Remember.. you are always creating..every thought that you send out there is creating your life exactly as you think it..Bless and love all and learn to accept the truth which is the reflection of everyone that surrounds you in your everyday life..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJEssyG

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