Only Good exists

by RickyJG on October 3rd, 2012

Universal mind(God) does not distinguish between good and bad and it always gives out more of the energy that you are emanating...We are taught to believe that when you discomfort someone in anyway you have done something bad to them and therefore should feel bad about it..God energy did not create a duality meaning that all things and all energies are based out of the good that God provided and gives to us on a daily basis..A lot of us live our lives in fear feeling that if we don't adhere to the rules god that god will punish us is some way or form..Punishment does not exist we are the only ones that punish ourselves..Learn to believe that we are one energy under one God and connected to the Universal mind, we are the creators of our lives our role in our movie is our own to direct as we please..Today when a negative thought takes over your thoughts close your eyes for a few seconds and reflect on only the greatness that you are..We are all spirits on a journey in this place called earth experiencing ourselves at our highest level in this physical form..Your spirit is the driver the body is just there to navigate you through this are only as great as you think you are...PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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