My mission and renewal of myself in 11 months both spiritual and physical

I have been reading a wonderful book called the "Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier. This book has given me the encouragement to start a process that will give me a new birth to life.

by RickyJG on September 11th, 2012

The book explains how our body cells renew every eleven months and the body really never ages only in the mind and only through the mind thoughts do we experience us aging in the physical form. We are all caught up in this time pendulum thinking that as we age through the numbered years we are getting older and therefore our body and our face get older as well. Is it really all in the mind?

I am setting myself up to renew myself in every way possible. I will only be guided by the Universal Mind in every aspect of my life from my relationship to my body functions I am determined to prove to myself that if we set our mind to work for us it will only guide us to good. I in my way of thinking don't think bad was ever a part of creation only a part of what man created to instill fear amongst us humans in this physical envronment. Our universal God only provides us with good things bad things only come from our irrational,conscious mind. As we move along this world we somehow start to learn that we are the creators of our own world. Each mind creates and manifests whatever they want to see appear in their movie of life. Every instance is therefore based on a thought that you somehow created in your journey making it come to life by constantly thinking about it and making it real in your physical form environment.

Every thought will create and send out a vibration to the Universe and if you constantly send out the same feeling thought of the same thing over and over again it will surely manifest in your world whether its a good or bad situation the universe does not discriminate and will feel your vibration thinking that the impression your sending out is what your heart desires. I am on a mission to change my life around from the moment I wake up every morning to the time I go to bed i will create my own movie and any and all characters in it will be characters that I choose or thought about in any one moment. We are creators and we all have the same abilities and power that many of our great messengers had we are messengers as they were. Our power comes from our thoughts and our constant vigilance towards our thoughts. We will create exactly what we want and desire and many times people create what they don't want to happen in their lives but if they only understood that they are the power behind their manifestations their outer world would change drastically. It is so true when it is said that you have to go within if not you will go without.

Nowadays people are turned away completely from who they truly are, always focused on the outside appearances of the physical world. Humans have lost the will to love thinking that someone needs to look a certain way or have a certain amount of money in order to be worthy of love. We have created our selfs to be only worthy of whats outside not really giving love a true chance. Love does not come from the outside physical realm and your body in this world really doesn't matter what truly matters is the connection of the spirits the feelings of the soul and those feelings only come from within they only come from your true self.

I hope you follow me in this journey. It has not been planned out at all it will be a new experience for me and I am only focused on making my life better and really reflecting on soul and my spirituality in this lifetime. I am tired of focusing my life between good and bad and its time for me to focus only on the good afterall God only made good things. Please accept my invitation and if you have nothing good to say about my journey please don't say it at all. I am looking only for good things to come out of this, the bad things i've discovered do not work ever and I am ready to leave them behind once and for all. I guess in retrospect I am ready to start living my life to the fullest.

Ricky Jessy Gonzalez

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