The moment is now

by RickyJG on April 10th, 2013

Now is the only moment for you to start living your life as you should..The power lies within the moment here and now..Now is the time that you let go of the past and stop thinking about tomorrow for only now can you find your true self...Don't wait for another moment to discover yourself justclose your eyes and go within..Now at this moment you have all the power you need to make your life as great as it should be...Now at this moment you have the right to love yourself for who you are and who you came here to be..In this moment of now lies the truth within..Now is the time to just be you and be as happy as can be... Now is the moment to know that your power is limitless... Now is the time to understand that you can become whoever you want to be..Now I can be the healer and help all those in need..All I need to do is connect to my power of Now which resides within me....PeaceBeBlessed...RickyJG

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