by RickyJG on July 6th, 2013

Finding peace within sometimes seems difficult at times of despair or anguish...We as humans are always looking on the outside to find our answers to what we see as our everyday problems...We think that an outside source whether it be a another person or some thing will give us the peace that we need. We seek pleasure to comfort our sadness some of us eat or some of us go out and drink to get drunk thinking our sadness will somehow diminish..We as humans tend to always run away from situations thinking that by running away they will somehow disappear unfortunately we never stop and face our truths..In the moment of now even if something that you define as suffering is faced head on it will slowly dissipate..Stop running away and be mindful of your thoughts, release thoughts that don't serve your higher being..When we start to become mindful we realize that we have full control of what appears in front of us..God resides within our heart the more we look on the outside to find God the more he seems to run away from us..Take a moment and be mindful of your connection to the peace that resides within, find God in you..We are all awakened spirits having a human experience, running away will only get you further away from your true self and from the God that you so desperately seek..Remember...we are all made in the likeness of God..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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