Loving yourself

by RickyJG on January 31st, 2013

Many times we spend our time trying to figure out others lives and taking their problems into our own energy space not focusing on our own needs... Our self love many times lacks.. We judge ourselves for not being better friends or better family members never realizing that in order for us to grow spiritually we first must learn to love ourselves... Loving oneself means we let go of the self induced judgments we place on ourselves..We are in a constant mode of judging others but most of our judgments are on our self's...For some reason we are never satisfied with ourselves, our body, face, hair, weight, etc...we are always searching for someone or something to give us our happiness when in reality no one but our self can give us that happiness..We need to stop looking outside of us and focus more on our internal guidance..Our internal talk will guide us to the best in all of us..Our internal guide is the energy of God universe, leading us to our higher self's...Happiness is guaranteed we just need to be in our state of being..In our spirit realm duality does not exist there is no good and no bad all just " is" as it should be here on this place called earth...We are in heaven already what we make of it is all up to us..We are all our creators of what we see in front of us the problem being that we are more focused on the physical aspect of life than in our true self which is our "spirit"..Today connect back to you by simply giving yourself a compliment...Understand that you are part of God's bigger plan and the universal energy of god only co created with perfection..We are all perfect"beings" all we need to really do is just be our unique self's....PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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