Loving you

by RickyJG on March 21st, 2012

Being in love with yourself does not mean you are being selfish...When you fall in love with you it just means that you accept all the things that you once thought were faults and align with them and accept them as part of your perfection...Being in alignment means you flow through life accepting and allowing all that comes your way even if some things are hard to handle..there really is no need to forgive when all is already forgiven by God energy..We have been plagued by our culture to think a certain way and to think that God will punish us for doing certain things and that we must be forgiven, forgiveness comes from within..Our God energy does not punish us we punish ourselves with worries and by judging ourselves too harshly..Stop judging yourself and take control of your life by changing your thoughts..Today, start loving yourself for the perfect being that you are...We are all perfect and an extension of God..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJG

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Quinton: So true! You should write a
Wed, 03/21/2012 - 22:53

So true! You should write a book!

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