Let the truth set you free

by RickyJG on August 28th, 2012

Many of us spend to much time thinking about things that don't really matter to our evolution in this lifetime..We all have this unique power residing within us waiting to be explored and discovered...We spend too much time contemplating about yesterday and lose ourselves in thoughts or things that already occurred in the past..Reflect your mind in the moment of now and discover your self at your highest level..We all have a potential way beyond what we think we do..God made us to be as he was, Perfect. ..Jesus roamed the world trying to advise us of this great power, our truth...He understood this power at every level and his message to us was simply that if we believed this great truth it would set us free...Stop fretting about what happened yesterday and don't think about tomorrow the power in you lies in the moment of "Now". ..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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