Knowledge is Power

by RickyJG on October 8th, 2014

Many of the greats believe that knowledge is power. We only understand this concept after we learn the meaning behind the power of knowledge. To think that you know means that you really don't know. We try to learn from our past mistakes yet we keep thinking of them all the time. The past does not let us live in the Now. All our power comes from living in the present moment of Now but only after understanding the true meaning of knowing do we get to experience the true power within. We always look back ,letting go means you completely release the past. The past only keeps us in a standstill and we really never let go. The breakdown simply is this thinking about the past even for one second keeps you in the past. Letting go means you completely surrender and understand that it will all be taken care of. Our life is not a puzzle that we must figure out if we flow with the essence of God only good can come our way. You as a spirit don't need to try and understand how it will be done just let it be and take control of your thoughts. Just understand that the Universe, God, is working its power within you and that you are connected directly to that powerful energy. Stop trying to figure out how to release and simply be. The solution to any problem is already there you need do nothing. All you need to do is understand that their is a higher power within working everything out for you. Many of us try to control our situations living in a dream of despair, anger, resentment and judgement. Relinquish control to the higher essence completely and you will start seeing the miracles appear in front of you, don't try to understand the miracles just let them be as you should be..Live only for Love as pure love is what we all are..

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