Just Being your wonderful self

by RickyJG on September 21st, 2012

Sometimes being in this physical form takes a lot from us.. We tend to focus only on what we see in the outside world and never really work on enhancing our spiritual aspect of life..One thing we need to understand is that we chose this form exactly as it is..We created ourselves down to the last speck of our being..Many of us tend to be unloving towards our human form always judging it for how it looks and never really making peace with just "being"... We were created as part of a Universal Mind(God) and only perfection was assembled in this mind..God did not intend for us not to love ourselves he guaranteed us pure happiness and love..Our conscious mind is what has held us in the parameters of judgement towards ourselves and unless we make an effort to change those thoughts we will always live as prisoners in our own bodies..Today, take a step towards loving yourself a little bit more, give yourself a compliment and know that you are a great spirit and an everlasting soul...Remember you are the only one keeping yourself in the misery of who you are..Universal Mind(God) is always providing you with all you need..In your meditations don't ask for a better body just simply ask God to give you a better understanding of your thoughts it is when you go within that you truly discover how beautiful you really are...PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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