Just Be

by RickyJG on December 9th, 2011

In this world that is ruled by the physical form we often let our bodies rule us completely. Reflecting on the spirit opens you more to the real experience of just being "me".
If we take away the pain the anger the actions of the body the judgements and slowly let go of the body fears you just become "me".

Being just comes naturally we manifest this body we as creators decided we needed this body to experience at a different level as it slowly comes to be we start picking up on all this fears. The fears that the body carries but don't blame the body simply just release. Most people are five sensory beings they really never connect to their sixth sense. it is there always waiting for you to discover it. We block ourselves from receiving always looking for and lusting over desires that the body thinks it needs. In a stage of discovering the true "me" take a moment and close your eyes connect to the nothingness and just be.

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