Jesus the Messenger

by RickyJG on December 27th, 2011

I have always been mesmerized by Jesus. I choose to call him Jesus the messenger rather than Jesus Christ because I consider him to be a normal everyday person just like all of us. My interpretation of what he came to do on earth is very different from that of the bible's. As a kid Jesus was ingrained in my mind as the savior and of course the most popular story ever told would be the one where according to history he came to die for our sins. To this day my interpretation is somewhat very different than the norm. I believe the bible version is just a made up story to instill fear on all of us and make us believe that we are bad people and that if we don't follow Jesus's ways we are all going to hell wherever that may be. Poor Jesus was given this name and title of being the savior and a perfect example for all of us, the sad thing is that I don't think the meaning and the message that the bible gives is the correct interpretation I believe all this was misconstrued to make us fear God a God that has and always will be all loving. Jesus was put here to transform our way of thinking but for a positive way not as a negative way as the "Holy Bible" wants us to believe. Jesus(God) is an all loving presence and always will be.

I will tell you my side of Jesus as I believe it to be in my heart and what I believe was his real message. Jesus was an average, everyday Joe like all of us, he had no special powers, he had the same power and knowledge that we all have he was just able to reach a point in this physical realm that many of us have failed to do so. As a messenger he became influential because people back in the day were mesmerized by such a person and since back then education was not much of a foundation or priority, people were less intelligent and were unable to comprehend that a person could reach such height in their consciousness awareness. Jesus saw the good in everyone and reach such a level in love for everyone and everything he reached a height where he connected to our source(God) directly and was able to listen to the messages being given to him by his inner guidance which was his direct connection to his father our God Universe(Inner guidance)(energy). He became so connected to his soul that he was able to overcome his physical form limitations he whole heartedly believed he was limitless and he knew that the body was only a navigational tool in this earthly world. He understood that the body meant nothing and that he was an actual spirit wondering around in earth wanting to make sure that people understood their power within. He never lost touch with his true identity which was his soul. The physical environment limits us to see things according to what the ego believes but in Jesus's case he understood that the soul is limitless and that the body can only limit you if you give it permission to do so. In accordance to his true self he understood what his contract was with God and he knew his purpose in this physical environment(earth) he was made in the likeness of God so he became as God. Jesus figured out his true identity and after he connected he understood that miracles happen not because they are miraculous but because they are part of who we are. As humans we always think that all is impossible we never stop and think that maybe we are creating everything that surrounds us and that love conquers all. We often choose to look at the negative not understanding that negative and positive come from the same current energy, which is God. The message was made very clear byJesus he wanted us to believe that all is good in life because they are all lessons to grow from but most importantly he wanted us to understand that we were all souls with great abilities in this earthly plane.

Before we all come to this earthly environment we all make a contract with ourselves( God) which is us since we are all made in his likeness we are all our own God. In the contract we decide what experiences we want to fulfill. In our understanding we know that we are creators and we decide earth will just be another part of our expansion to our higher selves, to our higher consciousness ,we will awaken another aspect of our evolvement into the eternal world. We choose every part of our lives we choose the people and the situations we will encounter but we also know that we are here to experience love and happiness at every level ,we are creators and that is something Jesus was here to teach, he understood life here on earth at the highest level, a level where the body form can never touch. He had a purpose in life as a messenger and that purpose was to make people believe that we could overcome all things here in this physical environment he tried to convey the message that we are all powerful beings(spirits). The miracles that we perceived done by Jesus were just him being connected to his soul at the highest level. He knew that miracles are just everyday occurences and that if you truly believe all is possible. He delivered the message that is instilled in all of us that we are greatpowerful creators and that we are always being guided by the higher energy of God Self. Jesus was like many others after him have been, a perfect example of him is Mother Teresa, although,she was not known for her miracle making she was known for her inspiration and love she shared with so many in her way of being she was a soul truly at work relating a message as all messengers do.

Jesus inspired me in many ways and I am not afraid to admit that I personally have experienced his presence many times. Many believe that he only appears to certain special people and he will talk only to a few selected special individuals I dont think that is the case I believe that since he was just like all of us an average person his presence can be felt by everyone and anyone. Jesus never made himself out to be a special person with special powers he was just showing us that we can all accomplish the same, we are all powerful beings but more than anything we are all creators and we can create the same miracles he did if we would only believe. So start believing and give birth to the Jesus in you..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJG

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Quinton: I couldn't agree more!
Mon, 01/09/2012 - 22:06

It's a shame more people don't see him this way. We are all Gods.

Ricky: I agree with you Mr.Q
Tue, 01/10/2012 - 20:26
@Quinton (view comment)

I totally agree with you thanks Mr. Q for starting the activity on here..

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