Inspiration all over

by RickyJG on July 31st, 2012

Many of us look for certain things to inspire us not realizing that inspiration is everywhere ,it all depends on how you look at life..many of us see a drug addict and are so uninspired by their behavior,but if we turned it around and saw the drug addict with God's eyes we would only see the spirit in that individual that glows within all of us..Take a look around and inspire yourself by all that surrounds your being..Don't let physical appearances set a limit on how you see others if you really take a look at that drug addict you will find a lesson in his journey and even though the lesson might not be a lesson you so much desired just remember that how we perceive others is a reflection of our true feelings..If we see only the bad in the drug addict then we are not seeing him with true love which is what the energy of God is, but if we look at them and see them with loving, caring feelings and wish them only the best then we are truly connected to our God power reflecting on the fact that we are all perfect within the spiritual realm..There are no imperfections in life everything and everyone has its place in the universal realm..No one can inspire you only you can inspire yourself...If you choose only loving thoughts then your outlook in life will become one of great inspirations... if you choose unloving thoughts then your life will be as miserable as your thoughts..A better life starts with one, simple loving thought have the power within to create the life you so much desire. ..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJG..

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