Discovering your true self through your breath

by RickyJG on May 18th, 2013

We really never take notice of our breathing. Taking full stand to really know yourself can come at an easy price and with no cost its all in the way you breath. We really never take full notice of our breath, with every breath we have the ability to increase our power within.. Take notice of your breathing you breathing will let you discover your true self and give you an idea of your imbalances in your body form. As you breathe in take notice of your breath is it a long pause breath? or short form breath? Is it a jumping breath? I realized how imbalance I was in my overall well being and in search of a fix for me I tried many things including alcohol to cover up myself and run away from what i was feeling.. I meditated and would go into trances trying to connect to myself and wanting to fix the problems that I thought I had. I searched for my answers in the outside world looking for a fix of any sort with food, alcohol,shopping etc.. I just could never find a sincere answer. Although my meditations have always been enlightened by great revelations I just never seemed to be at ease with myself. I soon discovered the power of my breathing. I finally took notice of my breathing and how it affects every part of me breathing in and out is actually the connection to our higher source, the power of the universe.. If you really take notice you will realize that it doesn't take much effort to breath but what we really don't realize is that through our breathing we can discover so much more. Breathing is done by everyone but there are many ways to breath and most of us are really not in alignment with the power of our every breath we take..If you take full notice you will discover that most of us breath out of alignment to ourselves. Some of us have rapid breathing others jump at some breathing never really giving the breath of life to breathe as it should..I started taking notice of my breaths and i notice than in every breath I took there laying dormant was the power in me. I realized that when i took notice of my breathing I was able to see and discovered that sometimes I would skip a breath and other times I would accelerate my breathing never really letting my every breath direct me to the true me.. In times of agitation I noticed that my breathing would get flustered and my breathing would become like that of an angry animal in times I felt some sort of fear I noticed that I would stop my breathing so i kind of stalled my every breath from happening but in times of relaxation and peace I notice that my breathing was controlled by life and I breathed on my own without any hesitations and in this moments I discovered the moments of now. If we let the breath of life take over it will relax us into our natural state which is us flowing as the souls and spirits that we are. Thinking a lot holds our breathing down as a prisoner never really noticing your breathing you will become a complete prisoner in your self prison. My advice to all is very simple next time you feel agitated or scared take a moment and take notice of your breathing yes your every breath will lead you to your power within its that simple there is no cost to it and its the greatest gift that God Universe has instilled in all of us. Discover your true self discover your power in every breath that you take. PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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