Death is the beginning of something new

Death is a subject that makes many of us cringe and the thought of it opens up many fears within.. We spend many days and nights thinking about our death or the death of our loved ones..One thing is for sure death in this physical form will come to all of us, its one thing that is guaranteed in this life experience...

by RickyJG on April 2nd, 2013

We have been programmed to believe that death is something bad and scary when in reality death of this physical form only means that the body has taken its final breath in this place called reality we are eternal beings and our spirit never dies we are eternal beings..I have lost some relatives in my lifetime and their death broke me open... The death of my brother was one that to this date has been one of my biggest lessons in life ,..My brother died in my arms, I remember clearly now when he took his last breath in my arms...For many years I had never realized how it had affected me in such a negative way it felt like part of me had died, my body felt it at every level and my mourning was like that of a mourning wife..I spent many nights crying and feeling sorry for myself always wondering what had I done to deserve such punishment..Recently I discovered a new meaning for death..Death has made me realize many things, one of those things is that my love for life has gotten stronger and my brother's death has been one of my greatest lessons..Death in meaning might be the end of someone's life but if we look at it in retrospect it is also the beginning of something new. For many people its hard to accept but when you step back and analyze death you will discover that it really is not something as bad as we have made it seem.....Its something spiritual that might open you to something bigger in life. I now understand that my brother never died his spirit is always around me the only thing that perished was his physical form...The many nights that I have cried myself to sleep thinking of the "what ifs' would have saved me from a lot of lost time but it gave me the strength to realize that there is something more to me and that underneath the layers of grief was a stronger me waiting to be fully discovered. I recently lost a friend to a liver disease.. I felt a lot of sadness upon knowing of her devastating disease and I wondered how i could help her my only thoughts were to send out prayers and energy through my meditations..Lore Hernandez was a great spirit and in my heart I am a big believer that you meet everyone in your life for a reason even if just for a second.. I believe truly that she is still here with us but in spirit form.. I don't believe we really truly ever die.. I was saddened to hear of her death but then i realized that she was no longer going through the pain that her body was providing her in this lifetime..Lore is now one of the many angels roaming around in the spiritual world helping all of us that she encountered in this physical realm until we meet again Lore thank you for being a friend..Much Love Amiga yo se que ya estas descansando..Tu amiga para siempre..RickyJG

PS Say Hi to my brother for me:)

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