All is Energy and self imposed

by RickyJG on December 8th, 2013

It is hard to accept such a concept that all diseases and bad things that happen to us are self imposed but at the greater level of energy it all is.. We are all the creators of what appears in front of us.. Every situation is being created by our thoughts consciously or sub consciously.. The question is would you rather see good things happening or bad things ? The answer doesn't require much thought because simply said we all want the best for us.. We are all in this together we are all creators and made in the likeness of God..Jesus did not come here to die for our sins he simply came to teach us that we are all powerful beings like he was.. he was a messenger as many of us are..Realizing that we are our own creators might instill a fear in us that seems scary at times but our dominant thoughts will always create what we see in front of us..Today when that everyday thought of death puts you in a standstill and you feel the fear arising in you because you start thinking about the day that one of your loved ones will pass away instead think about your power and how life is eternal and no one soul really every dies..The physical form we are navigating with in this lifetime might take its final breath but remember as a spirit we are immortal and we will always be connected to our loved ones, so in reality death doesn't exist..Today, choose a happy thought and live joyously in every moment of Now, true love and happiness exist hand in hand ...Peace Be Blessed.. Ricky Jessy G

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